Why Mobile Applications Are Must Have For Education Sector ?

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We all know schools and colleges are categorised majorly by ranking and placement. But, from past half decade, Educational Institutes are segmented in the new category named techno-savvy institutes.This new category is measured basically on how school or colleges govern their activities with the help of technology.


Inclusion of mobile technology with the essence of AI,Virtual Reality,IoT could uplift the standard of education system and helps pupil and teacher to innovate new methodologies of teaching and interactive learning.

 Below are the benefits of Mobile Apps for an educational institutes in respect of its Stake Holders:-

Benefits For Schools:

  • Branding & Promotional Activities for engagement & awareness of users.
  • School activities and events become more interactive and outreach to more users.
  • Help support and sustain harmonious relationship with parents.
  • Helps in eliminating the paperwork or printing of newsletters, thereby enhances the financial benefits.
  • Class notes & reminders are communicated securely by school staff to the parent & students via mobile phone apps for schools thereby eliminates frustrations of notes being returned late.
  • Teachers can share articles,video,study materials online with students and they can access it on their mobile devices.
  • Inclusion of ChatBots & AI for auto reply of general queries from parents and students.

 For Parents:

  • Easy to connect with the school administration.
  • Easy access to attendance records and result sheets.
  • Pay fees online.
  • Built in schedule tracker.

 For Students:

  • Motivation to perform better since parents can keep real time check on them through app!
  • Online Quiz and Competition to enhance their knowledge.
  • Online challenges from student to students or from teacher to students.
  • Access study materials provided by teachers on mobile.
  • Facilitate virtual classrooms for students. 

How RipenApps can help you to create a Mobile Application for your Education Institute ?

At RipenApps we provide consultation and full stack development to build awesome mobile applications, our vision is to help Entrepreneurs,SME’s,Individuals of different sectors to digitalise their idea with the help of mobile application, so as they could be more focused on their core business functions and rest will be handled by us through technology.

 Bring us your concerns & queries to get your idea evolved into an awesome mobile app.

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