Artificial Intelligence And App Personalisation: How Things Are Changing?

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Ever since the commercialisation of artificial intelligence, there has been a lot of buzz around this technology. From fear to excitement, everything has showed up. In middle of all this, app developers are however, very optimistic about the marriage of the mobile application development and this new fantasy sounding piece of technology. And in view of this all the top mobile application development companies have geared up to harness the full potential of AI to provide a much more personalised version of their products.

The rate at which AI is growing, it seems even sky is not the limit! As this has already touched our lives in more ways than we think. And application development is not an exception either in fact, AI has brought about many changes the way developers see the applications. So let’s check what AI is all about and what potential it has in mobile application development.

What is AI?

In simple words, AI is a computer that can solve a problem the way a human does. As we humans, see the things and analyse them, so do the artificial intelligence. And as humans it gets better and better with experience. For instance, Google’s Deep Mind AI program is now being trained to diagnose eye diseases by analysing medical images of the eye. Yes! You heard it correct, “trained”, just as humans AI is also trainable.

AI in Application Development: Where is it now?

Many top mobile application development companies are deploying AI in the field of their business. It helps the company where they lack resources to compete with their industrial counterparts. For instance, use of AI in chatbots have replaced or at least limited the need of putting humans in customer support. Application developers have blended AI in their apps so as to provide more personalised view of the app. An app which is more particular user centric and not generalised as they used to be before the advent of this tech. And AI in mobile apps are not limited to personal assistants anymore.

AI’s capability of learning everyday with the way it is used makes it perfect for personalisation because now an app knows when the user wants it to do, after certain days of monitored usage. And by using other inherent features of mobiles like GPS, AI is even more influential over the app. Since AI can learn the phone usage, travelling patterns and purchase patterns of the phone user, it opens the Pandora’s box for the app developer to use this data and this capability of AI to learn in offering better services of the app. this type of AI usage is counted as Data Analytics.

Scope of AI: Where can it go?

As mentioned earlier, it’s not just that Siri or Cortana or Alexa are the only face of AI in mobile applications. Phone manufacturer’s like Samsung and Apple are building their devices with AI capabilities and this will give app developers scope to broaden the view of AI app development. App developers are looking to widen the horizons with AI as it gives them the gigantic ability to sync and analyse data and make the apps able to read the data. AI also enables the developers to explore something like making responsive apps like better puzzles and search for errors in the code itself. AI’s ability to pay attention on customer’s needs is the vital reason for the successful use of this technology in application development.

Closing Comments

AI is surely going to govern the way we look at apps and in the era of IoT, the brand must figure out the way to connect and administer various devices through apps and what better way to do this except Artificial Intelligence. To put it together, future of AI in app development looks bright and we sure to see some AI based apps in the app stores.

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